Amazon S3 Stores Over 1.3 Trillion Objects

Posted Nov 28, 2012 is hosting the re:invent developer conference in Las Vegas, Nevada today.  The Amazon Web Services (AWS) VP Andy Jassy announced that the S3 storage service is now storing over 1.3 trillion objects and is handling 830,000 requests per second.

Mr. Jassy also announced that the company’s users spun around 3.7 million Elastic Map Reduce clusters since the service had launched in May 2010.

Around 1,500 academic institutions and 300 government agencies are now running applications on the service including NASA.  NASA used AWS to get the Curiosity to Mars.  Mr. Jassy said that the company is now adding enough server capacity every day to run when it was still only a $5 billion business back in 2003.

Amazon even announced a 25% price drop for’s S3 storage service.  Nice!