Suing Former VP Of AWS Sales Daniel Powers

Posted Oct 29, 2012 has filed a lawsuit against Daniel Powers.  Mr. Powers is the former vice president in charge of global sales for Amazon Web Services. alleges that in his new job as Google’s director of cloud platform sales violates the non-compete provisions of his Amazon employment agreement and severance deal where Amazon paid him $325,000.

Amazon is seeking an injunction in King County Superior Court to prevent Mr. Powers from “engaging in any activities that directly or indirectly support any aspect of Google’s cloud computing business.” believes that Mr. Powers will be able to use confidential information from his time at Amazon to help Google compete against them for existing and potential customers.  In June 2012, Mr. Powers was offered a severance package and invited him to to accept the package and resign instead of being terminated by the company according to the lawsuit documents.

The agreement had a non-competition period of 18 months after the end of his employment.

Amazon vs. Daniel Powers