Amazon Updates Cloudfront CDN To Handle Interactive Web Content

Posted May 14, 2012 has updated their Cloudfront to handle dynamic and interactive web content. CDNs help websites get web pages faster by caching popular pages closer to likely user. CDN providers like Akamai have moved on from static pages to streaming video. Amazon has been working closely with Zynga for traffic bursts of their online games. Amazon’s CDN has only been dealing with delivered static and streaming content for business customers, but relied on Akamai for dynamic content. The company has now made several changes to Cloudfront to speed up delivery.

Amazon Cloudfront will now allow customers to serve content from multiple sources. Amazon Cloudfront works with Amazon’s own S3 storage service, dynamic content from EC2, and third party websites.

Akamai is still the dominant CDN company with over 1,700 CDN websites on their network compared to Cloudfront’s 30 locations.

Below is an infographic describing the new service: