Shuts Down Warehouses For The First Time Since 2006

Posted Mar 29, 2009 is shutting down three distribution centers (DCs) soon.  This is the first time has closed a DC since 2006.  The closures will take place in Munster, Indiana, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, and Red Rock, Nevada.

The 215 workers at the DCs will receive pay up until May 25 and receive benefits up until May 31.  The employees will receive 3 weeks of severance pay and will get a chance to transfer to other distribution centers based in the U.S. reportedly has dozens of fulfillment centers around the country, but their website claims that they have 12 fulfillment centers in 12 U.S. states and 8 other countries.

In order to get some experience in the field, CEO Jeff Bezos worked at the fulfillment center in Lexington, Kentucky for one week.  The Munster, Indiana facility is shutting down after only being open for 18 months.

[via TechFlash]