AMD Announces Temash, Kabini, and Richland APUs

Posted May 23, 2013

AMD has announced today that they have released a new line of dual- and quad-core processors designed for tablets, PCs, and notebooks.  The accelerated processing units (APUs) have the code-names: Temash (for mobility usage), Kabini (for mainstream usage), and Richland (high-performance usage).

The dual-core A4 and A6 Temash-based processors will focus on Elite Mobility such as touch-based tablets, hybrids, and notebooks under 13 inches in screen size.  These are the devices that are more powerful than tablets like the iPad or Windows 8 tablets based on Intel Atom processors.

The A4-1200, A4-1250, and A6-1450 APUs will have Radeon HD 8100 and 8200 graphics brought to tablets for the purpose of gaming and video decoding.  The A4-1200 has a TDP of 3.9 watts for the purpose of power saving and cooling.

The quad core A4, A6, and dual core E-series Kabini APUs is designed to support higher graphics than the Elite Mobility line.  They also have a longer battery life.  The A4-5000 and A6-5200 APUs have quad-core processors with Radeon HD 8300 and 8400 graphics support.  The E1-2100, E1-2500, and E2-3000 have dual-core processors and Radeon HD 8200 graphics.  The E-series competes with Intel’s Celeron dual-core processors.

The A8 and A10 Richland processors have quad-core processors and is tagged as being “Elite Performance” to support high-end laptops and gaming laptops.  A10 processors will come with games like the new Tomb Raider.  The A10 processors natively support multi-monitor AMD Eyefinity and 3D gaming.  The A10 can also sync to hard drives and smartphones through a standardized dock connected to the laptop.

That brings us to the A10-5757M, A8-5357M, A6-5357M, A10-5745M, A8-5545M, A6-5345M, and A4-5145M processors.  The A10-5757M, A8-5357M, and A6-5357M processors are made for high-end performance laptops.  The A10-5745M, A8-5545M, A6-5345M, and A4-5145M processors also support high-performance, but uses lower power.