AMD Reports $1.16 Billion In Q4 Revenues

Posted Jan 24, 2013

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. recently announced their Q4 results.  The company posted revenues of $1.16 billion.  This is a 32% drop from the same period in 2011 and is a loss of 63 cents per share.  In 2012, AMD made around $5.42 billion as a whole which is 17% lower than the previous year at a $1.60 loss per share.  This year AMD plans to launch two new APUs called the Temash and Kabini.  

Net losses for the company was $473 million, which is much higher than the $177 million that they reported for the same quarter a year earlier.  This figure includes a $209 million charge that the company as part of a purchasing obligation to GlobalFoundries.  GlobalFoundries manufactures AMD’s chips.  The company also had $90 million in restructuring charges.  AMD announced last quarter that they were laying off 15% of their worldwide staff.