Amdocs Limited (DOX) Acquires Actix For $120 Million

Posted Sep 3, 2013

Amdocs Limited (NYSE:DOX) is a customer experience company that has acquired Actix for around $120 million in cash.  Actix will boost Amdocs’ customer experience portfolio going forward.  Amdocs’ and Actix’s board of directors have approved of the transaction.  Actix is known for being a leading independent software provider of mobile network optimization solutions.  Amdocs will now expand their Customer Experience Systems (CES) portfolio with geo-located network data, provided by Actix’s solutions.

“Together, Amdocs and Actix will continue to pioneer development in network optimization, enhancing our position as the leading provider of network-independent solutions in this area,” stated Bill McHale, chief executive officer of Actix. “The combination of our assets, spanning network and IT, will offer service providers the most powerful customer experience driven network optimization solution available.”

Actix was founded in 1991 and has employees all over the world.  The company is deployed at over 350 mobile service providers.