Named After Famous Aviator, Amelia Rose Earhart To Use Social Media As She Flies Transcontinentally

Posted Oct 28, 2013

Not only is Amelia Rose Earhart (pictured above) is known for sharing a name of the famous aviator, she also has a passion for flying also.  In June 2014, Earhart will start a transcontinental flight where she will be sharing details on Facebook and Twitter.  Earhart does not share a family tree with the famous Amelia Earhart, but their families were in neighboring counties back in the 1900s.  Earhart’s journey will be over 100 hours and will span across 14 stops in 14 day trips.

People that want to watch her progress can view multiple angles of the flight since the planes will have live-tracking cameras.  The plane is a Pilatus PC-12 NG and her second-in-command Patrick Carter will be broadcasting Facebook chats.  Earhart will be the youngest woman to ever fly across the world.

“I want people to really engage with this flight,” stated Earhart in an interview with Mashable. “Feel what it’s like to get that little itch of spark and passion.”

The first Amelia Earhart made the original flight around 80 years ago. However, she went missing during the trip and was never found.

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