American Airlines Completely Replaces Flight Manuals With iPads

Posted Jun 24, 2013

The Apple iPad has now replaced all of the pilot manuals on American Airlines.  This saves pilots from having to carry around heavy bags with and it severely reduces the chances of a pilot from injuring their backs.  Another advantage is the ability to quickly pull up a relevant section faster than it takes to check the table of contents in a manual.

Last month, American Airlines said that all 8,600 of their pilots would have iPads by the end of the month.  The iPad roll-out is now complete.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved American Airlines pilots to use iPads all of the phases of the flight across their entire fleet.  This includes Boeing flights: 737, 757, 767, 777, and MD-80.

Another tangible benefit of switching to the iPad is that it would save 400,000 gallons of fuel per year and it will prevent having to constantly print new manuals, which is a huge cost saver and is good for the environment.  Over 24 million pages of documents have already been saved so far due to the switch.