American Airlines Employee Fired For Responding To Website Complaint

Posted Nov 10, 2009

American Airlines has fired an employee that responded to a customer complaint personally. An American Airlines customer named Dustin Curtis complained about using the website and wrote a complaint on his blog. Curtis even suggested how American Airlines should redesign their website on his blog. And I can honestly say I do like Curtis’ design much better. Below is a screenshot (click to enlarge):

A commenter that replied to the blog post going by “Mr. X” agreed with Curtis but also complained about the internal culture of the company. Mr. X told Curtis that he was improving the website but said it was slow a process. But Mr. X was violating an NDA that he signed with America Airlines. Due to the violation, Mr. X was fired.

America Airlines rejected Curtis’ claims that the company website does not satisfy customers. An American Airlines spokesman said that 90% of customers rate the website as “good” or “excellent.”