American Airlines Report Less Injuries Due To iPad Switch

Posted May 2, 2013

American Airlines replaced heavy airline manuals with Apple iPads in December 2011.  iPads can be used throughout all phase of a flight.  American Airlines is the only carrier that has been able to do this so far.  Pilots can also use iPads when the planes are below 10,000 feet too.

American Airlines said that 8,600 of their pilots will have iPads by the end of the month rather than having to carry around the 40 pound traditional bags.  The iPads will have over 3,000 pages of charts and manuals that is being uploaded digitally.

By getting rid of the 40 pound flight bags, the iPad helped eliminate the number one reason for pilot injuries.  This also helps save the airline over $1 million in fuel costs.  It is more eco-friendly also because corrections do not have to be re-printed.

American Airlines also gave flight attendants 16,000 Samsung Galaxy Note tablets to keep track of meal services, weather updates, and seat assignments for premium passengers.