Amphibious Ice Fishing and Hunting Vehicle The Wilcraft Selling For $10,495

Posted Aug 6, 2009

I don’t know whether I would feel safe enough driving around a car on ice after watching Ice Road Truckers on Hulu, but for those of you that are brave enough to try it should check out The Wilcraft.  The Wilcraft is an amphibious ice fishing and hunting vehicle that is stable on the water, ice, and land.

The vehicle is light-weight and has the ground-pressure equivalent to a person walking.  The car can also float so even if the ice cracks while you’re driving on it, you are still safe.  The car has 11″ of ground clearance and can carry 550 lbs.  The engine is 305 cc and can go up to 20MPH.

There is a two speed gearbox and the car can go in reverse.  Other features include locking differential and hydraulic disc brakes.  There are three 3 ice fishing holes in the car and a cover that can keep you warm while you’re enjoying the cold outdoors.  The starting price of the car is $10,495.  Other options that can be added include caterpillar tracks, hunting blinds, and transport trailers.