An Eighth Grader Designs An iPhone Game That Knocked Angry Birds From #1

Posted Jan 17, 2011

Fourteen year old Robert Nay of Spanish Fork, Utah has accomplished quite a feat. He has removed Angry Birds from the #1 spot of the top free games in the Apple App Store. Keep in mind that Angry Birds has a large team of experienced developers behind them and Robert Nay is still an eighth grader. The game that Nay made is called Bubble Ball and it saw about 400,000 downloads on Thursday itself.

When Bubble Ball launched on December 29th, it has been downloaded 1.5 million times so far. However Angry Birds still remains as the #1 top paid game on the Apple App Store. Rovio, the company behind Angry Birds, formed in 2003 and has dozens of employees.

Nay used the help of the Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile. The Corona SDK lets you create games for the iPhone, iPad, and Android with physics effects. The paid version of the Corona SDK lets you automatically publish to the App Store.

Nay had learned how to program Lua, which is easier to use than designing a game in Objective-C. EA and Tapulous also both use Lua. Eventually Nay plans on making money from in-app purchases, but Ansca Mobile does not have that as a feature in their SDK as of yet.