An Exciting Announcement/Resolutions for Pulse 2.0

Posted Jan 3, 2007

Consistent Pulse 2.0 readers may have noticed a general slow-down of articles posted during the month of December. This was partially due to Amit Chowdhry’s move from India back to America and sorting out what to do from this point forward. The Pulse 2.0 team has now taken a big step forward. We have officially opened up an office in an area surrounded by web-related companies.

The company’s official office will now be located next to Ann Arbor’s Briarwood Mall and is supposedly rumored to be in the building next to where a Google office will be opened that will be concentrating on the AdWords campaign. The company will also be placed in the same building as WahIndia, one of the world’s first South-Asian Internet media companies.

The team is also planning on introducing Pulse 2.0 India and Pulse 2.0 UK within the next week and will be building various other web applications from the new office. During the transition of the next couple of days, Pulse 2.0 will have a temporary slow-down in the number of articles posted, but will really pick up after that.

Also, now that the Pulse 2.0 team has a lot of free time on their hands now to concentrate on building the company, you will see a general increase in the quality of articles. The Pulse 2.0 team is very excited about the upcoming changes and we greatly appreciate all the support that our readers have been giving us, the requests that have been coming in, and Google for helping monetize our website through AdSense. We’re looking forward to having Google as a neighbor.