Anaplan Has Plenty of Business Apps In The Cloud

Posted Sep 26, 2009

Anaplan has developed a wide variety of applications that run on cloud servers. These applications all focus around business management The company also uses “snap plug-and-play” architecture. Some of the applications include: Employee Costs, Pipeline, Cash Flow, P&L, Budget, Production Schedule, Sales Forecast, Balance Sheet, Product Sales, Expenses, Production Cost, Demand Forecast, PTO, and CAPEX.

The price of accessing the applications will be starting at $49/month. Anaplan compared their architecture to LEGOs at the DEMO conference. You snap all the pieces (applications) together when you want to look at the broader overview of your business. Thus far Anaplan has raised $600,000 in seed funding. The company also received $1.4 million from angel investors as a bridge loan.

Anaplan is led by CEO Guy Haddleton and is based in Redwood City, California. Michael Gould works as the Chief Architect at the company and Sue Haddleton works as the VP of Marketing. The Board of Directors at Anaplan include Doug Smith (former exec at Capco), Adrian Kunzle (MD and Global Head of Engineering and Architecture at JP Morgan), and Andrew Simcock (Founder and Managing Partner of New Millenia).