Groupon Founder Andrew Mason To Release Music Album On July 2nd

Posted Jun 27, 2013

Andrew Mason, the founder of Groupon, was fired from the chief executive position at the company in February 2013.  He re-emerged as a Y Combinator partner in May 2013.  Last month he revealed that he was going to release a motivational music album revolving around career success.  The music album is called Hardly Workin’.

Hardly Workin’ will be released next week through iTunes and Spotify on Tuesday, July 2nd.  Mason said that this is ?just in time for American audiences to incorporate into Fourth of July festivities.?

Below is a statement that Mason released about the Hardly Workin’ album:

?I managed over 12,000 people at Groupon, most under the age of 25. One thing that surprised me was that many would arrive at orientation with minimal understanding of basic business wisdom. ?I came to realize that there was a real need to present business wisdom in a format that is more accessible to the younger generation.

It was with this in mind that I spent a week in LA earlier this month recording Hardly Workin?, a seven song album of motivational business music targeted at people newly entering the workforce. These songs will help young people understand some of the ideas that I?ve found to be a key part of becoming a productive and effective employee.?

Above is the cover art for the music album.  The seven tracks listed on the album are:

1. Look No Further

2. The Way to Work

3. My Door is Always Open

4. Risin? Above the Pack

5. K.I.S.S.

6. Stretch

7. It?s Up to Us