Eric Schmidt: Android Will Pass The 1 Billion Mark This Year

Posted Apr 16, 2013

While on stage at the Dive Into Mobile event, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that he was in favor of Android iterations like Facebook Home and the Kindle operating system.  Schmidt also shared an incredible milestone, which is that there are over 750 million Android phones that are in use today across 320 carriers and 160 countries.  At the current rate of 1.5 million sales or activations every day, Schmidt said that Android will cross the 1 billion mark this year.

?Our goal is to reach everybody,? stated Schmidt.  Schmidt’s new book “The New Digital Age” is arriving in stores next week.  Part of his book covers his trip to North Korea in January. ?It?s the last place where there is essentially no connectivity,? said Schmidt in regards to North Korea.

Schmidt’s book is copyrighted by Google and all of the proceeds are going to charity.