Android and iOS Market Share Ties At 38% For November [REPORT]

Posted Dec 14, 2010

Millenial Media has released some numbers about the market share break-down between iOS, Android, RIM, Windows, and Symbian. Millenial is basing this on the ads that they distribute. Millenial’s ads reach about 63 million of the 77 million mobile web users in the U.S.

For the month of November Android and iOS tied at 38% market share. Both of them jumped from 37% from October. RIM is right behind those two operating systems with a 19% market share. RIM was down 1% from October. Apple still remains as the top manufacturer on the Millenial network as they represent 25% of the network’s impression share. Samsung came in second. Android apps represent 54% of all apps on the Millenial network while Apple was at 38%. Android was the leading platform with developer support in 2011. The iPad and Windows Phone 7 tied for second on the list.