Android Developer Edward Kim Averages $13,000/Month In Revenue For Car Locator App

Posted Mar 2, 2010

Edward Kim is a developer that released an application called Car Locator.  At first Kim was making about $20/day for a few days.  Then he won third place for Google’s Android Developer Challenge 2.  After that he became ranked #4 in the Travel Category for paid apps.  He raised the price of his app from $1.99 to $3.99 and saw that there were about 70,000 downloads of the free version and about 6,590 of the paid version.  After he became featured on the Android Market, he started making about $435/day.

“Some may be quick to point out that a featured Android application is only able to net $400/day, while top iPhone apps make thousands. But the Android market appears to rotate applications in and out of the featured apps list in some psedo-random fashion,” stated Kim on his blog.  I enjoyed hearing about Kim’s success story on the Android Market.  If you also have a success story, please let us know about it in the comments. [Ed Kim’s Posterous]