Android Phones Load Webpages 50% Faster Than iPhone

Posted Mar 17, 2011

According to a study by Blaze Software, Android phones load websites faster than the iPhone. The iPhone’s media load time is 3.2 seconds and the load of time of webpages on the Nexus S is 2.1 seconds. Blaze did 45,000 tests and the Android won 84% of the time. Most of the tests were done over WiFi and some were done with the 3G connection.

Blaze CTO Guy Podjarny believes that the way Google organizes downloads with efficient methods in getting different portions of a webpage is the reason for the fast load times. Google also has a team whose job is to focus on making websites run faster. “It’s not that Apple doesn’t care about speed, but Google is fanatical about it,” said Podjarny.