Andy Morris Survives 625-Volt Zap After Hitting Third Rail In New York

Posted Sep 12, 2010

Andy Morris is a construction worker that was thrown onto the train tracks in East New York. “He first started twitching and then you started seeing smoke coming from his head,” said Marlon Probherbs. “You could smell the flesh burning.” It is a miracle that he survived.

Morris got into a drunken fight this past Monday with 2 other men and it lasted for about 10 stops on the A-train. The brawl had been moved onto a station platform. And an onlooker allegedly tossed him onto the tracks.

No arrests have been made, but Morris is seeking justice. “I want them to catch them,” Morris said of the of the culprit who shoved him. “It was malicious.”

[NYDN via Gizmodo]