Andy Page Joins 23andMe As President

Posted Jun 11, 2013

23andMe is a personal genetic company that has hired Andy Page as the president.  23andMe CEO and co-founder Anne Wojcicki said that the company is trying to hit 1 million members by the end of they year.  Page will help the company scale their operations.  Page will report to Wojcicki and will be in charge of product and engineering, finance, marketing, lab operations, legal issues, regulatory issues, and engineering.  Wojcicki will now focus more on the company’s research division.

?Since we dropped the price, we have been growing substantially, and now need to execute with a level of perfection,? said Wojcicki.  ?We have had to scale very quickly, and still need to keep growing even more.?  The price of 23andMe’s genetics test dropped to $99 recently.

Page was on the board of 23andMe since last year and was an advisor for the company early-on.  His last role was the president of Gilt Groupe.  He also worked as the CFO at PlayPhone and StubHub.