Andy Rubin: ?I Think Everybody Is Embracing The iPhone. They Are Pretty Open.?

Posted Dec 7, 2010

Andy Rubin, the VP of Engineering at Google that is overseeing the development of Android was at the D: Dive Into Mobile conference. At the conference, Rubin said that the Android started as an 8 person team and then Google staffed up. Now there are about 172 different phones using Android.

At the conference, one of the quotes that stood out to be was when Rubin said ?I think everybody is embracing the iPhone. They are pretty open.? I thought that Android is supposed to be the more open platform and that Apple was known as the “closed wall.”

Kara Swisher asked Rubin how they consider Apple as a competitor. “Certainly they make great products,” Rubin said. “Robust, solid, good user experiences. A lot of consistency across applications. More recently I see them getting involved in the other end of the spectrum?services like a bookstore, the App Store.”