Angry Birds Cartoon Is Coming This Spring

Posted Feb 6, 2013

Rovio CEO Mikael Hed said that the company will be launching a series of short cartoon-syle episodes that features the bird and pig characters in the popular Angry Birds game.  Rovio was anticipating that the short cartoons would be ready by fall of 2012, but it was pushed back.

?The content itself is the channel,? stated Hed in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. ?We have become the channel.?

Rovio hit around 260 million users in January and the Angry Birds brand is spread across multiple platforms.  Rovio will be pushing the content through their own channel.  What this means is that the company may push the cartoons through their games itself.

To work on the cartoon, Rovio acquired Kombo Animation in 2011 and their animation team has grown to about 70 employees.  Rovio is also planning on launching an Angry Birds movie at some point.  To check out some of the animations that Rovio has put together, visit their website.