Ann Arbor Firm Mobil33t Sells iPhone App DoGood To

Posted Apr 19, 2010 has acquired iPhone application DoGood from Ann Arbor, Michigan mobile firm Mobil33t.  DoGood [iTunes link] is a Lifestyle iPhone and iPod Touch application that suggests users to do a specific good deed that the the application says for the day.  Mobil33t used social media resources on Facebook and Twitter to give the application publicity and gain awareness about their cause.  The crowdsourcing around the Twitter hashtag #DoGood helped virally market the application too.  After you complete the good deed suggested by DoGood, simply press done.  Mobil33t worked with the University of Michigan student organization DoRAK (Do Random Acts of Kindness) on the application.

In the past 10 months, DoGood received about 70,000 downloads of their free app.  The “done” button was clicked about 430,000 times.  During the app’s peak, about 3,000-3,300 people used the app in a single day.  Tonic Inc. is a social responsibility news aggregator website.  The application was developed by Jason Bornhorst, Kunal Jham, and Mayank Garg.  Bornhorst currently works for Mobiata, another Ann Arbor mobile application firm that created FlightTrack Pro, HotelPal, and TripDeck.  Jham now works for and Garg is a photographer for the Associated Press in Dubai.  Tonic plans to make DoGood a worldwide movement according to Bornhorst in an interview with  “It’s not the normal case that you can start something and, eight months later, sell it,” added Bornhorst in the interview.

Bornhorst was one of the student entrepreneurs that put together incubator TechArb.  Some of the startups housed under TechArb include, CrowdClarity, and Shepherd Intelligent Systems.  The University of Michigan has signed a deal with Ann Arbor real estate firm McKinley Inc. for creating incubator space at the McKinley Town Center, which houses the headquarters for Ann Arbor SPARK incubator.  Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) also has an AdWords office at the McKinley Town Center.  Bornhorst acknowledged the help his company received from Professor Elliot Soloway. []