Ann Arbor High School Student Start Online Charity

Posted May 21, 2010

Ann Arbor Pioneer High School junior Damian McGlothlin has started an online charity website called The idea behind the website is to control where your money goes where your money goes when you make a charity donation. “When Chris was 13 or 14 and we were living in Kentucky, I donated a check to the Red Cross to help out the victims of the tsunami in Asia and my son asked where that was money was going and wondered why you couldn’t pick and choose who you donate to,” stated Damian’s father and Domino’s Pizza CIO Christopher McGlothlin in an interview with

Domino’s Pizza web designers Eric Sweetland and Jeff McCrumb helped with the design of the charity website. The identity of people that are profiled on the charity website is kept private for security purposes. One of the individuals that the website helped was a 61 year old woman who had to take medical retirement because of stage three inoperable lung cancer. “It’s pretty tough to balance promoting the site with SATs and ACTs and soccer and everything, but the fact that it’s online makes it easier to manage,” stated McGlothlin.