Ann Arbor Mobile Company Mobiata Plans To Hire 8 People This Year

Posted Jul 11, 2010

Ann Arbor mobile company Mobiata is best known for their FlightTrack application on the Apple App Store. Mobiata founder Ben Kazez worked at Apple as an intern in Minnesota relocated to Ann Arbor in early 2009. Now he plans to move Mobiata’s first office to the second floor of Nickels Arcade in downtown Ann Arbor, which is less than one mile from Google’s AdWords office. The company also plans to hire about 8 more employees this year, giving them 10 total employees.

Mobiata’s FlightTrack application made about $1 million in 2009 sales. ?Basically we?re in a business right now where we?re only limited by the number of people we have,? said Kazez in an interview with

Jason Bornhorst now works for Mobiata. Bornhorst created an application called DoGood in the summer of 2009 and sold it to Kazez said that he is in the process of recruiting people that have experience with the Google Android operating system as well.

Mobiata used to be based at the U-M TechArb Incubator and the Tech Brewery Incubator. One of the reasons why the application sales reached very high is because Steve Jobs personally said that he was impressed with Mobiata’s work at a conference on stage. We congratulate Mobiata on their success and growth as a fellow Ann Arbor based tech company.