Dan Harmon, Dino Stamatopoulos, and Charlie Kaufman Receive Funding For Stop-Motion Film On Kickstarter

Posted Jul 13, 2012

Dan Harmon (the creator of the TV show Community), Dino Stamatopoulos (known as Alex “Star-Burns”on the TV show Community), and Charlie Kaufman (Writer of Being John Malkovich and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) are partnering together to create a new stop-motion film called Anomalisa. The trio decided to turn to Kickstarter to receive funding for the film. The three are seeking $200,000, but it turns out that they are already close to hitting that goal. As I am writing this, the three have raised over $135,000 and their goal was to hit the $200,000 number by September. Harmon was fired by NBC and he was replaced by two show-runners to keep his show Community going so this gave him free time to run projects like Anomalisa. The film is being created under an entity called “Starburns Industries.” Below is a description of what the film will be about:

The film follows a celebrated motivational speaker travelling the country, changing the lives of countless people. But in the course of transforming others, his life has become hollow and meaningless. It?s a grey and monotonous existence where people literally look and sound identical. Suddenly one day, a girl?s voice pierces through the veil of nothingness. She fills him with such a rush of ?aliveness?, he?s willing to abandon everything and everyone, including his own family, and escape with her to a better life.

If you contribute $20, you will get a digital download of the finished film after it is released. For another $5, you will get a downloadable set of Anomalisa Character Designs and contributions. And if you donate in the triple digits, you will get signed scripts and a tour of Starburns Industries during the production along with tickets to the premiere.