Anonymous Hackers Release Leaked Bank of America E-Mails

Posted Mar 14, 2011

Anonymous, a group of hackers that strongly believe in government and corporate transparency, has gotten their hands on some private e-mails from Bank of America Corporation (NYSE:BAC). Anonymous got their hands on the documents from a former Bank of America employee. The e-mails date back to November 2010 and are written by employees of Balboa Insurance, the insurance division of Bank of America. The e-mails discuss removing loan files from a large group of insured properties.

The records that was leaked by Anonymous does not indicate why Bank of America execs talked about removing the loan files from the electronic records. However it was revealed that the issue deals with Bank of America improperly foreclosing homes. Some consumer groups are accusing creditors of improperly foreclosing on homes without proper documents. However a Bank of America spokesman said that the documents were just clerical and not related to foreclosures.