Anonymous Supporters Back Account Information Attacked

Posted Mar 3, 2012

Supporters of the hacker group Anonymous known for willingly enlisting their computers to launch DDoS attacks against their enemies may have caused their personal banking information to be vulnerable in the process. The Megaupload raid angered the Anonymous hackers and they were ready to seek revenge on the government. However an unnamed hacker took the DDoS attack tool called Slowloris, which was popular with Anonymous and rigged it with Zeus Trojan malware. The Zeus Trojan malware tool is used for siphoning the online banking credentials of their victims.

The same day that Megaupload was raided, an Anonymous-backed list of several different DDoS attack tools hit the Internet. Twitter accounts and Anonymous-affiliated blogs urged hackers to download one of the tools, which would enable them to launch DDoS attacks from their own computers against targets like the U.S. Department of Justice, the FBI, Universal Music Group, and the RIAA. The Slowloris link with the Zeus Trojan was also on that list.

While a countless number of people thought they were supporting Anonymous’ Operation Megaupload mission, they were actually compromising their own financial information. It is unknown how many people participating in the DDoS attack were affected by the Zeus Trojan.