Anonymous Threatens BART After Cell Service Shutdown

Posted Aug 15, 2011

On Thursday San Francisco’s BART transit system partnered with phone companies to shut down cell service at some BART stations. The signal silence lasted about three hours, an effort to quell planned public demonstrations protesting a police shooting. Online hacktivist group Anonymous did not approve, and as The Next Web reports, launched a campaign against the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit. The hackers plan to fill the email inboxes and fax machines at the BART offices with messages of outrage about the cell service shutdown and to take down the BART website, as well as staging a physical protest at Civic Center BART Station today at 5pm PST.

So far Anonymous has only been successful in releasing scores of personal information gathered from independent site (which uses the Transit system’s open data APIs) and scare the BART staff into posting warnings about possible website shutdowns and delays for those traveling during the physical protest. Anonymous explains OpBART as “an operation geared toward balance – toward learning. You do not censor people because they wish to speak out against the wrongful things occurring around them.”