Anonymous To Go After Zynga Next

Posted Oct 29, 2012

Anonymous is a group of hackers that is known for grouping together and taking down websites out of protest.  For example, the group took down the Virgin Media to protest The Pirate Bay censoring this past May.  Now the hacker group is targeting Zynga because of the recent round of layoffs at the social gaming company.

Anonymous is not happy with Zynga because of the mistreatment that employees had to deal with.  The attack is planned on Guy Fawkes Day (November 5th).  The operation is being called “operation maZYNGA.”  The operation is being discussed in a forum post on  Some links contain data files that was allegedly stolen from Zynga.

On November 5th, Anonymous said that they will release key data files, which the group claims that Zynga is planning even more layoffs and the outsourcing of jobs.  The hacker group will also release games that they have stolen from Zynga’s servers for free unless the company ends their plans to layoff more employees.