Anthony Digati Indicted For “Cyber Extortion” Against New York Life Insurance

Posted Apr 22, 2010

The New York Life Insurance company was threatened with “cyber extortion” from a California man named Anthony Digati. He was arrested on March 6th and was formally charged in Manhattan federal court recently. Some of the threats include posting on many forums, e-mailing, and dissing them on social networks

Below was his plan against NYL:

Now, for How: My Plan for NYL

– Ask your IT guy where the search engines are going to index a website entitled New York Life Products listing every product and service you have with 56 pages of relevant content? The files are already there, I just need to change a few extensions to go live.

– I belong to every forum I could find that deals with financial services (over 200). I have over 2000 posts on these forums with my signature, on March 8th, 2010, my signature will be changed to reflect this websites name, that is over 2000 links to this website OVERNIGHT.

– I have 6 MILLION emails going out to couples with children age 25-40, this email campaign is ordered and paid for. 2 million go out on the 8th and every two days 2 million more for three weeks rotating the list. Of course it is spam, I hired a spam service, I could care less, The damge will be done.

– I am a huge social networker, and I am highly experienced. 200,000 people will be directly contacted by me through social networks, slamming your integrity and directing them to this website within days.

– I also have a list that includes EVERY AGENT you have in the USA. An email will go out to them as well directing them to this website. That should cause your employee line to ring!