Antoine Dodson Interviewed On Lopez Tonight [VIDEO]

Posted Nov 9, 2010

YouTube superstar Antoine Dodson has been interviewed by George Lopez. Dodson was asked about what life was like after getting so many YouTube hits and after the Gregory Brothers auto-tuned his voice. One of the most interesting things he revealed was the number of song downloads that Bed Intruder had on iTunes. In the interview, he said there was about 250,000 iTunes downloads for Bed Intruder based on the last time he checked. That means that Dodson made close to $87,000 so far just from the sales on iTunes after Apple and The Gregory Brothers took their cut. This is based on Apple taking a 30% cut off the total and The Gregory Brothers taking a 50% cut off that profit Not bad coming from a viral sensation that did not expect anything to come out of his interview. Check out interview with George Lopez in the video below: