Antoine Dodson launches Kickstarter campaign for reality show

Posted Mar 20, 2014

You may know Antoine Dodson as the man behind “Bed Intruder.” Dodson interviewed with a local TV station about a break-in at his home. The interview went viral and was quickly remixed by YouTube celebrities The Gregory Brothers. The remix hit tens of millions of hits and Dodson became a star. He did appearances on “The Today Show” and The Jimmy Kimmel Show. He also made a cameo in the Tyler Perry movie “A Madea Christmas.”

Dodson continues to reside in Huntsville, Alabama and now he is turning to crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to finance a reality show about his life. The project needs $38,000 to get started.

“Basically I want it to be all about my personal life,” said Dodson. “I’ll be a daddy soon, and I want to show the family side of me and see me working on my career. We’re building this from the ground up.”