AOL Announces Alto Mail Service

Posted Oct 18, 2012

AOL has announced a new e-mail service called Alto.  The user interface of Alto actually looks pretty cool.  On the very left side are some icons used for navigation.  When you scroll up and down you can see your inbox in a small frame.  If the e-mail message contains photos, you will see a thumbnail preview of it.  On the very right is a Pinterest-like design called “From Your Inbox” where you can click on Photos, Attachments, Daily Deals, Retailers, Social Notifications, and Starred items.  You can add a customized thumbnail to the “From Your Inbox” section also.

AOL Alto can be used through your AOL, Gmail, Yahoo!, or iCloud account.  You can log in using your existing e-mail account.

You can select from 3 different views: message view, tile view, or page view.  Page view lets you flip through your e-mail full-screen page-by-page.  You can “snooze” e-mails so that they pop back up to the top of your inbox later in the day too.  Google Calendar and Google Drive can be integrated into AOL Alto too.

The service is not available to everyone yet.  It is request- and invite-only for now.  Based on what I have seen in screenshots, it looks really good.