AOL Announces Open Mobile Software Platform

Posted Feb 12, 2008

â??The use of mobile services continues to increase at a steady rate and for any developer looking to build applications for this growing space, the AOL Open Mobile Platform couldnâ??t make it any easier,â? stated Steve Murphy, Senior VP of AOL. â??Our new open platform will provide developers with a new breed of tools, including source code, for creating robust mobile services and will encourage product innovation.â?

Yesterday AOL announced the AOL Open Mobile Platform will be launched this summer.  The platform will be XML-based with a presentation layer that allows rapid new feature release.  Scripts for building applications around the platform will be compatible in Java, Linux, BREW, RIM, Symbian, and Windows Mobile.  Third party APIs and AOL’s own APIs for AIM, AOL Mail, AOL Video, MapQuest, Winamp, Userplane, and Truveo will work for developers using the platform.

Its interesting to see how AOL is not part of Google’s Open Handset Alliance considering Google owns 5% of AOL.  Further information is available at: