AOL CEO Tim Armstrong Fires Patch’s Abel Lenz In Front Of 1,000 People [Audio]

Posted Aug 12, 2013

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong fired an employee on Friday during a conference call with members of Patch.  Armstrong officially announced that hundreds of Patch employees were going to be fired and he said that he did not care that information was being leaked to the press.

Jim Romenesko got a copy of the call recording a day later and we have embedded the audio clip of Patch creative director Abel Lenz getting fired.

Why was Abel fired?  Apparently he was taking photos.

During the call, we can hear Armstrong saying ?Abel, put that camera down, now.?  A couple seconds later, we hear Armstrong saying ?Abel, you?re fired. Out.?  A few seconds later Armstrong resumes talking about the overall changes taking place at Patch.  BusinessInsider said that Lenz is known for taking photographs at meetings and then posting them in the company’s internal website.

Tim Armstrong takes Patch very personally because he founded the company with Warren Webster and Jon Brod.  AOL acquired Patch Media for $7 million in 2009.  Below is an audio clip from the firing: