AOL Platform-A Slashing Many Jobs In Sales and Marketing

Posted May 17, 2009

Earlier this week, AOL decided to fire at least 30-50 people from their sales and marketing division.  Many of those that were affected belonged to the Platform-A subsidiary.  The firings are based on past sales performance according to a source.  The sales representatives had experience that ranged anywhere from 2 to 10 years.

“From what I’m hearing the state over there is panic shock and chaos. It was a bloodbath,” stated a source.  Laid off representatives from the company will most likely be replaced by Google representatives.  Poaching from Google started to pick up after former Google executive Tim Armstrong became chairman and CEO of AOL in March.  Former Google exec Jeff Levick replaced Greg Coleman, who was at AOL for less than three months.

Google may want to consider stepping up some incentives for their salespeople to prevent Armstrong from strong-arming them to AOL.  If anyone has any further information about this lay-off, please leave it in the comments.