AOL Renews Search Deal With Google

Posted Sep 2, 2010

AOL has renewed a search engine deal with Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG). AOL’s five-year partnership with Google ranges across more properties than the previous deal they had with the search engine company. Google will provide search technology and search advertising to AOL Search. The deal also includes global search, mobile search, and video distribution with YouTube.

?We have tried to make a deal that has 100 percent alignment on what we each do best,? stated AOL CEO Tim Armstrong. ?At the end of the day, Google checked all the boxes.? Tim Armstrong is a former executive at Google. AOL also considered making a deal with Microsoft for a Bing search deal.

AOL content will have prominent display on YouTube as part of the deal too. AOL content includes popular gadget blog

In 2009, Google had a write-down of about $1 billion as part of an investment they made in AOL for a search deal. Google also received a 5% stake in AOL for that investment. This was when AOL was still owned by News Corporation.