AOL Says Goodbye To YourMinis Homepage

Posted Oct 21, 2008

In February 2008, AOL bought out Goowy Media Inc., the owner of  This was AOL’s way of competing with Windows Vista Gadgets, Google Gadgets, Yahoo! Widgets, etc.  And 8 months later AOL has decided to shut down the homepage.  

“We’re sorry to inform you that as of October 27, 2008, we will no longer support the yourminis startpage.  You already know that one of the best things about widgets is their ability to give you access to the content and features you value from different locations across the Web,” stated Gary Benitt, Senior Tech Dir at AOL LLC and COO of Goowy Media.  “Because there are already so many great startpage solutions out there supporting yourminis (like myAOL, iGoogle or Netvibes), we’ve decided to let the startpage experts take care of the startpages, so we could focus on what we do best — building widgets.” was just the victim of failed synergy logic.  But now Goowy will just be focusing on creating widgets that can be added on Netvibes, iGoogle, myAOL, etc.  Since Yourmini widgets are built in Flash, it allowed developers to make widgets more visually appealing.  

Given AOL’s strength in the instant messaging sector, perhaps they can use this to leverage people to add Yourmini widgets to their startpages.