AOL sells Winamp and Shoutcast to Radionomy

Posted Jan 2, 2014

AOL has decided to sell Winamp and Shoutcast to a Brussels, Beligum based company Radionomy. AOL was planning to shut down Winamp and Shoutcast initially, but decided on selling instead. There was a rumor floating around that Microsoft was interested. Radionomy is an international aggregator of online radio stations.

The news about Radionomy acquiring Winamp and Shoutcast was noticed by Carsten Knobloch. Knobloch noticed that the Winamp nameservers were transferred to Radionomy. The deal is expected to be closed on Friday.

Radionomy currently has around 6,000 stations in their catalog and anyone can create a channel. Shoutcast has around 50,000 radio stations that will help boost Radionomy’s catalog.

[Source: TechCrunch]