AOL/Huffington Post Hit With Lawsuit, Download Squad Blog Gets Shut Down

Posted Apr 13, 2011

AOL, Inc. (NYSE:AOL) is being hit with a lawsuit by bloggers of the Huffington Post who believe that they should have been paid for their volunteer writing. The lawsuit is being led by lawsuit Jonathan Tasini. The class-action lawsuit was filed against The Huffington Post, AOL, and Arianna Huffington. AOL acquired The Huffington Post in February.

Tasini joined The Huffington Post as a blogger in December 2005. He stopped writing posts on February 10th, three days after AOL acquired The Huffington Post. Tasini was the lead plaintiff in the case New York Times Co. vs. Tasini. The plaintiffs won in that case.

This isn’t the first time AOL was sued for unpaid labor. In 1999, two Community Leader chatroom moderators sued AOL over violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act. That lawsuit was resolved with a $15 million settlement.

Download Squad
As part of a consolidation of web properties, AOL subsidiary The Huffington Post decided to shut down the popular software blog Download Squad. When AOL shut down Download Squad, the writers were notified that they would be unemployed effective immediately.

Download Squad editor Sebastian Anthony wrote a tweet saying ?In a world where software is moving towards ubiquity, AOL-HuffPo has seen fit to shut down the best software blog on the Web. Insane.?

Download Squad was a part of AOL Tech. AOL Tech includes brands such as TechCrunch, The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW), Switched, and Engadget. Download Squad was a part of Weblogs, Inc.