Apathetic Towards Facebook RSS

Posted Aug 14, 2007

After reading TechCrunch tonight, I read that Dave Winer “discovered” that Facebook news feeds are now accessible. Winer believes that these RSS feeds are new features, such as the Friends Status updates and Friends Posted Items. I believe that this feature has been around for a while. When you think about it, how else would the Netvibes Facebook application work without it?

Whether it was made public in the status update pages, I do not know. Winer strongly believes it is true, but I believe that looking at today’s Facebook applications, it must have been available within the depths of the API pages.

Winer seems to hope that these RSS feeds will be integrated into some sort of Twitter application.  So users can send Status updates through Twitter.  For reasons unknown, I never got into Twitter.  This is why I am not too excited about the speculation of being able to send Status updates through Twitter.

After all, users have tons of other ways to find out quickly what my Status on Facebook.  The easiest way is just to log in and find out in my Profile or looking on the Home page.