Is 70% Funded And Has Developer Support

Posted Aug 11, 2012

Earlier this month’s Dalton Caldwell wrote a story about how Facebook tried to buy out his company or accept the fact that the large social network would compete with him.  Ever since then Caldwell vowed to never build a business around a platform like Facebook or Twitter.  Instead he is building his own platform and has asked fans of story for developer support and funding.  People that donated $50 or more were sent an e-mail about how is now in “Alpha” mode.

Some developers have already started building apps on top of the platform.  @matthew built a mobile app called shrtmsg on top of, @q is working on a web-based client called quickApp, @sneakyness is building an iOS app that utilizes AFNetworking to get developers off the ground to use the JSON API, and @jazzychad is working on an iPhone client called Adian.