AppAppeal Creates A Beautiful Mosaic Of Web 2.0 Logos

Posted Jun 24, 2008

I’ve received an e-mail from Jelle de Bruin, Co-founder of AppAppeal.  Jelle and his team have created Map Of The World 2.0.  The mosaic contains 1001 clickable Web 2.0 logos.

What is even more impressive about the globe containing 1001 logos is that AppAppeal was spot-on for getting the logos to match the shape of all the continents.  I like this display better than Go2Web20.

Below is a screen shot of the mosaic.  To find the clickable and larger version of the mosaic, go to

If I were to change something about this mosaic it would be the color of the Asia continent.   Having blue web 2.0 icons there makes it hard to see since the ocean is the same color.

AppAppeal is a web application review website.  The reviews are structured similar to CrunchBase and KillerStartups.