Apple’s 7th Generation iPod Nano Has A Home Button and FM Tuner

Posted Sep 15, 2012

Earlier this week Apple’s head of iOS product marketing Greg Joswiak announced at the iPhone 5 media event that the company has released the 7th generation iPod nano.  The nano has been through several phases like nano with video and a slimmer/longer nano.  The multitouch nano is even used as a wristwatch.  The new iPad nano has a larger screen than the last generation with separate hard volume buttons on the left side.  The new iPod nano looks like a smaller version of an iPod Touch.  The new nano uses the new Lightning connector and there is a home button at the bottom just like the iPod Touch.  Apple put widescreen video playback and there is an FM tuner with live pause on it.  There is a pedometer built in and integrated Nike+.  The new iPod nano can play 30 hours of music and it starts at $149 for a 16GB version of the device.  The new iPod nano is shipping in October.