Apple (AAPL) Is Still Very Dependent On Samsung, Despite Legal Disputes

Posted Aug 8, 2013

Apple and Samsung are two of the biggest friends and foes.  Apple is one of Samsung’s largest customers, but the companies are in court facing off over patent disputes.  According to a report by NPD DisplaySearch, Apple is actually becoming more and more dependent on Samsung as a supplier though.


Samsung provided Apple with more full-sized iPad panels than LG did in two out of the three months in Q2 2013.  Samsung shipped around 4.1 million displays to Apple in Q2 2013 overall and the company is expected to start supplying Apple with smaller 7.9-inch screens in the second half of the year for the iPad Mini tablet.

Apple’s conflicts with Samsung has driven the company to look at many other suppliers to work with, but none of the other ones could serve as a complete replacement so far.  Apple is now working very closely with TSMC for their next-generation A-Series chips for 2014.

Apparently, Samsung had lost the contract for that job.  But there are reports that TSMC was not able to compete with Samsung’s 14nm manufacturing processes, which caused Apple to go back to Samsung.  Samsung will continue producing the A9 chipset for Apple in future iPhones and iPads until at least 2015, according to CNET.