Apple Acquires C3 Technologies

Posted Oct 30, 2011

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has acquired C3 Technologies. C3 Technologies CEO Mattias Astrom, CFO Kjell Cederstrand, and Product Manager Ludvig Emgard are all working within the iOS division at Apple now. However the team is presently based in Sweden and their division is called Sputnik.

C3 Technologies builds 3D maps with almost no input from humans. It creates 3D maps of buildings, homes, and even trees. It uses declassified missile targeting methods to create the 3D imagery. In 2007, C3 was spun out of Saab AB. I previously wrote about C3 Technologies when Nokia released Ovi Maps 3D Beta in April 2011.

It is likely that Apple will use C3 Technologies and Placebase, a company that Apple acquired earlier to move away from Google’s mapping services within iOS.

Check out a demo of how C3’s software works: