Apple Acquires Indoor GPS Company WifiSLAM

Posted Mar 23, 2013

Apple has acquired an indoor GPS company for around $20 million called WifiSLAM, according to the Wall Street Journal.  WifiSLAM is a startup that has created a way for mobile apps to detect a phone user’s location in a building using the WiFi signals.  Application developers can take this information to offer indoor mapping based on the user’s location.

WifiSLAM was founded by Joseph Huang, Jessica Tsoong, David Millman, and Darin Tay.  Huang used to be an intern at Google.  Google has indoor mapping services already built into their mapping software for locations like airports and shopping centers.

WifiSLAM raised funding from several angel investors including Don Dodge and Kevin Talbot.  WifiSLAM spun out from Stanford’s StartX technology company accelerator.